Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hushcast number two

Here it is, hushcast number two:

CHLL PLL - Pass out - Children of sailboat dwellers in china sea, Swelling of the worlds oceans, popul vuh meets the continent of Africa meets the psychadelic smell swirls one experiences under the influence of Ambien.

Girls - Morning Light - Highschool in NJ driving to the beach, seriousness of contemplation, rolling down hills listening to Loveless.

Nas - Nas is Like - The beginning and end, can't get real, DJ Premier destroying all other beatmakers with his virtuosic melodies

Swayzak - Smile and Receive (Apparat mix) - Circular dancing on a seaside cliff under a lagoon of perfect sky with a deafening breeze muting the beat in intervals, french kissing crescendo, hitting a cascade of speed ramps in a racing video game

Primal Scream - Higher than the Sun - Cataloging the stories of a night of acid visions then realizing the cid hasn't worn off, bonfire dance pants, seeing a trail behind a snap-dance-wrist.

Farben - The Videoage (Re-Edit) - Categorizing dionysian revelry, train through iceland, gin and tonics in germany or zurich very late at night

Swayzak - Speedboat - Dancing on top of Angel Falls, Infinite Casino Zone from Sonic 2, planetarium discotheque.

Nathan Fake - Basic Mountain -the drive from Snoqualmie Falls to Seattle passing through the I-90 Tunnel at sunset on an august day - windows open, unprompted unison clapping in a grocery store leading to movement into the outdoors, the change of time-perspective due to downhill bike riding.

Neil Young - Sedan Delivery - Any which way but loose, the triumph of the many: drunk in public, the harmony of rural angst - "making love in the milky way."

Kalabrese - Hide - Spring pretend games, behind daffodils, flirtatious glances exhanged between flora.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Are Friends Electric? 3.26.09

This weeks episode was truly a pinnacle in robot/human interfacing. I blended all that shit while dancing in the studio. A lot of great new stuff. It's like animal spirits exerting their will on our world from the astral plane. I love you.

I usually play a lot of Kompakt, but this episode especially. We just got our first Kompakt record, ever, at KAOS - Gui Boratto's effervescent new release "Take My Breath Away."

Download Link

Here is the tracklist:

Cecil Taylor - Unknown (Seven Wives of Goro Edit)
Fred's Intro
Seven Wives of Goro - Chunky Echo
Jackson and his Computer Band - Arpeggio
Nathan Fake - Turtle
Justus Konchke - Pickpockets
Gui Boratto - Like You (Supermayer Mix)
Phil and the Friends - This Man
Prins Thomas - Mammut
Bottin - No Static
Farben - Silikon
Thomas Fehlmann - Bienenkanlign
Jimmy Edgar - Personal Information
Egyptian Lover - Unreal
Royksopp - The Girl and the Robot
Stereo Total - Everybody in the Discotheque (I hate) (Motormark Mix)
Gui Boratto - No Turning Back
Gui Boratto - Azzurra
Technasia - Life Cycles
Fortdax - Fortune Telling Fish
EQM - You are sleeping
Bibio - Under the Pier
GAS - Untitled

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Booking / Performance

If you are interested in having me DJ your event - I would be excited and pleased to do so. At the moment, I am working on my laptop, making it easy to plug into a wide variety of sound systems. I am in the process of making a demo performance mix. If you want the celestial sound, please contact me here:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hushcast number one

I was invited to be an initial husher at Yurij's new site, hushcast. Finding music the right way. Here is my first ever Hush:

DJ Koze - Mariposa sounds like: kompakt, flying over glaciers, douglas firs moaning

Lost Valentinos - Serio (jump jump dance dance remix) sounds like: getting krunk, sunset in barcelona, lemonade

Oneohtrix Point Never - Behind the Bank sounds like: walking on a forest path, introspective harmony, finding gems

DJ Assault - Technofreak sounds like: if Streets of Rage jumped out of the Sega Genesis and teleported you to detroit, excellent well drinks, inertia of booty

Big Tymers - Get High (ft. Jazze Pha) sounds like: the truth, trembling under the weight of genius, getting krunk w/friends

Hatchback - Lotus and the Robot sounds like: sun beams pouring onto the ocean through clouds, driving along the coast, honeysuckles

Thomas Fehlmann - Interstellar sounds like: flying lotus/jdilla, cascading booty, exiting the club after dropping acid

Principles of Geometry - A Mountain for President (Joakim Mix) sounds like: the crucible, discotheque at the parthenon, zeus jizz

Swiss Boarding School - Brown Coal Mines (Unai Remicks) sounds like: italian ski race, jumping up and down in the 70’s, cranberry juice and club soda

Svenson - La Blaza sounds like: being stressed about packing contraband, cigarettes in Rennes, grizzled brawler getting a striptease

Friday, March 20, 2009

Are Friends Electric? 3.19.2009

This weeks episode is dank with material excess. Depeche Mode sullenness, poppy giddup, a moment of spicy funk and then the washed out breath of wind. It's a quartered artichoke heart, in the sandwich of my heart.

Please Enjoy

Are Friends Electric? 3.19.2009 Download Link


Fred's Intro
Farben - The Videoage (the Reedit)
Tim Exile - Fortress
Ladytron - Kletva
Telefon Tel Aviv - Helen of Troy
David Bowie - Shake it
Zombi - Sapphire (Prins Thomas Mix)
Nite Club - Left Right
Bim Marx - Strong Arms/Love Me Baby
Tonic - Grand Ma
Rubber Room - Taliban Discotheque
Marina & the Diamonds - Obsessions (Pink Stallone Crush)
Paul Kalkbrenner - Gebrunn Gebrunn
Rice Twins - Rock Saga
Lost Valentinos - Serio (Jump Jump Dance Dance Remix)
Thomas Fehlmann - Interstellar
Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack (Feat. Dolly)
Lone - Sea Spray
Oneohtrix Point Never - Ruined Lives
Popnoname - Nightliner
Christ - Sun Art
Windy and Carl - La Douleur
Loscil - First Narrows


The question is the same, but it has a new home. Welcome to Celestial Vibration. The new home of Are Friends Electric? my weekly radio show on KAOS, 89.3 FM, Olympia, WA. I had previously been using Facebook notes to send little messages, in little bottles; this will be more consistent. More thorough. You can subscribe to the RSS feed on the right hand side and be updated with my most recent posts.

Celestial Vibration is named after various outputs by Edward Larry Gordon, the prolific ambient, experimental creator. It is important to note that my selections of music are largely influenced by my friends, and in fact, is in many ways a collage of their tastes. Bryan Fordney is unquestionably the most influential of my companions and I am convinced by each of our correspondences, that he is my musical doppleganger, not to say that he's copping my style - far from it. So much props to all my pals.

I hope that, along with Are Friends Electric?, I can begin to catalog some of my other endeavors and I hope you won't mind the fluff.