Friday, July 31, 2009

what are you paradox but the vision at the end of a microscope
you are twilight?s bitch

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ben jones from paperrad in an interview

My girlfriend and I are constantly debating time travel. Are you one who thinks you can go back and change the future or that that is impossible?

Next time you talk about it with her be like, "how do you think I was able to meet someone as amazing as you..." And then pull out a photograph of a heart, and the heart fades and it's you two underneath the heart with Micheal J Fox between you, but then he fades, and then kiss her and whisper "Doc is in trouble, I am not who you think I am, if you tell anybody about this the world with cease to exist". Then be like "just kidding" and run and smash your head into a mirror and stare at your bloody face laughing.....and hug her and be like, "sorry if I freaked you out" but make the hug just a tad too tight, and then be like "just kidding for real", and be like "look how closer this has made us"...then give her the ring.

from This Interview

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Are Friends Electric? 7.2.09

July let me count the ways...


Triple Bottom

Caribou - [The Milk Of Human Kindness #11] Barnowl
Pistol Disco - [Evergreen #02] Beat of the Tune
Beaugard, Violetti & St. Claire - [ #339] Ce Soir
[? #01] 08. quiet village - can't be beat
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - [It's a feedelity affair #06] Lindstrom & Prins Thomas / Fur
Marina & The Diamonds - Obsessions PINKSTALLONE CRUSH
Sorcerer - El Condor
Kid Creole & The Coconuts - [ #354] Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy (Creative Edit)
Publicist - Stone Age
The B52s - Mess of a tanian (mike simionetti edit)
Knight Rider - [Demo (2009) #05] I Love You
Gray - [? #05] Mr. Bickerton
Bibio - [Ambivalence Avenue #09] S'Vive
Gary Wilson - [Gary Wilson - Mary Had Brown H #16] Chromium Bitch (O.G.1976 Vers)
Ferrante and Teicher - [ #388] Lady Love
Lone - [Cluster Dreams] Midnight Feast (Bibio Remix)
Circle Vs Square - [Circle Vs Square #03] Can't Sleep
Hall & Oates - you make my dreams come true
Florian Fricke - [Popol Vuh #02] Open Your Heart
Radiohead - [Towering Above the Rest Complete Disc 17 #11] Everything In Its Right Place (Rollmottle Remix)
Pistol Disco - [Evergreen #04] Evergreen
Loscil - [First Narrows CD1 #01] Sickbay
Infinity Window - [Artificial Midnight #02] Internal Compass
Stag Hare - [Black Medicine Music #02] Holy Quinn