Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friday, February 05, 2010


on this weeks show....


NEW JAMZ from:

REPEAT PATTERN (2x) - Epic new jamz straight from Spanaway via LA
GUMAR and his MAGICAL MIDI BAND - unreleaed magic summoning
FOXDYE - new album out at this moment, see the review below
ANIMAULED - new album out on Battlesnakes PDX Reppin hard



Hot Chip - Thieves In the Night
SuperMayer - Hey Hotties!
Placebo - Pure Morning (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
Al Usher - Disobbedisco
Sir Mix Alot - Posse On Broadway (DIPLO MINI MIX)
Repeat Pattern - King of Concrete (feat Broke)
Toro Y Moi - Low Shoulder
Repeat Pattern - Want You
Boards of Canada - DC (Odd Nosdam Bit)
Pogo - Alice
Octopus Project - All the Friends You Can Eat
Gumar and his Magical Midi Band- Reflection in the Mirror
Unknown Artist My Own Private Hyperspace
Foxdye - Rainbow Dolphins
Donna Summer - To turn the stone
Hyetal & Shortstuff - Ice Cream
Nick Nicely - D.C.T. Dreams
Linear Movement - Way Out Of Living
Xeno & Oaklander - Shadow World
Mount Sims - Morning Birds Scream
DMX Krew - Cherry Ripe
Pantha Du Prince - Lay in a Shimmer
Mount Kimbie - William
Ducktails - Beach Point Pleasant
Animauled - Banner
White Noise - Firebird
François de Roubaix - Les Amis
White Rainbow - Mystic Prism
Oneohtrix Point Never - Nobody Here

Check me out on Tuesday 2/9/10 when I will host the KAOS Block Party from 3p-5p

Monday, January 25, 2010

the best mix I have heard in ages

Sunday, January 24, 2010

radio check up

hello radioblog world

I have returned from the air. now on text and feeling. not so pleased with this weeks episode, with the exception of a few moments. I do enjoy the foxdye record, which was reviewed in my most recent update. the last hour is good.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review: Foxdye - Magical Glittering Rainbow

FUuuuuuuuuCk. My brain just caved in on itself then was reborn in the a beautiful giant snowflake made of pure sugar which expanded like a fractal with a pop rhythm interval. Farts everywhere, a butthead laugh, fensler PSA's sprinkled in, in a giant recipe. Like subverting the government of the United States using ingredients from your fridge. Not in a bomb, but in a weapon of smells, not just rotten farts but also pure sugar so sweet it could lull even those of great constitution. So much skitter and sample. It's exactly what I wish Girl Talk was. Synaptic genre-bending retro corn-fed sample fucking, corrosive speed, pure humor, donk party, seinfeld fuck face.

Friday, January 08, 2010

ZOLO = 2010